Programme areas

The main purpose of the NCE is to support its Members to achieve the Aspirational Objectives, to fill gaps, and to promote sound environmental management in Namibia. The NCE does not compete with its Members, neither in the area of project implementation nor in the area of fund raising. In this context, the NCE wishes to respond to the collective requirements of its Members, both in how best it could provide support to the Membership, and also how the NCE and its collective Membership should prioritise work to enhance conservation and sustainable development in Namibia.

The Objectives are implemented through eight strategic programme areas.

Programme Area: National Facilitation

Organise conferences, symposia and workshops on topical environmental issues and on research themes, and facilitate Member’s positions on international negotiations, treaties and conservation priorities.

This programme area looks at organising conferences, symposia and workshops on topical and relevant environmental issues, on research themes and facilitating Member’s positions on issues of conservation priority.

In October 2016, a successful symposium on “Animals movements and satellite tracking” was organised at the Otjikoto EE Centre, attended by some 25 organisations, including from Botswana, South Africa and Scotland. The proceedings are available on the Environmental Information Service (the EIS).

In June 2017, a workshop will be held for the Environmental Departments of all mines in Namibia to develop a 3-year environmental strategy and action plan for the mining sector. We see this extending to the development of a “Good Practice Guide for mining in Namibia” and a set of environmental criteria for inclusion of the mining sector into the Eco Awards Namibia programme.

Early in the 4th quarter of 2017 a conference will be held on “The State of Namibia’s Environment”. This will be a joint initiative between the Sustainable Development Advisory Council (SDAC), NCE and MET.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were reviewed, all material not relevant to Namibia removed, and then circulated to all Members. NUST used this as a theme for a recent workshop and a number of Members have marked in where their work contributes to the achievement of goals. This is then shared with NPC (national focal point) and UNDP (national support agency).

A campaign is being run to reduce the amount of plastics in the environment, with the focus on one-off use plastic items such as plastic bags and disposable drinks bottles. This work is being done in partnership with Miss Earth Namibia 2016 and her Plastics Campaign, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources Management, The Dogg (musician), Superspar, Plastics Packaging Namibia, Recycling Namibia and MET.