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Wed Sep 06 2023

Bush Talks brings together different actors in the biomass sector to exchange knowledge, share best practices and coordinate efforts for sustainable and economically viable use of bush biomass.

Bush Talks
Tue Oct 13 2020

The Namibian Biomass Industry Group (N-BiG) is closely involved with the proposal to export Namibian bush biomass to Hamburg in Germany for their energy needs. N-BiG describes how this proposal could be beneficial to the bush biomass sector in the country and responds to recent negative press releases regarding this proposal.

Bush encroachment
Thu Jul 25 2019

This short film explains the dangers of plastic to our environment and our health. Although it is a huge environmental problem, everyone can help - even you. Reduce your consumption of single-use plastics (e.g. shopping bags, water bottles), and recycle all the plastics you use. Please watch and share this video with others.

Fri Jun 14 2019

Through this broad coalition of more than 30 organisations working constructively together, from local to international, Namibia has achieved success.

Conservation Partnerships
Wed Apr 10 2019

Over the past 18 months 14 endangered spotted hyaena were deliberately killed in and adjacent to the southern Namib national parks near Aus in an effort to stop them killing a population of alien feral horses. An attempt was made to feed the hyaenas (diversionary feeding – done against professional conservation advice), to prevent them killing feral horses.

Feral horses in the Namib
Fri Feb 22 2019

We posted an article entitled “The Future of Hunting” because we believe that the author is absolutely correct in stressing the three key principles that should be followed by the hunting fraternity, and which should be enforced, namely (i)

Conservancy Manager
Wed Jan 16 2019
An Interview with Dr. Chris Brown by Gail Potgieter. Recently, the Chinese government attempted to partly lift the ban on rhino horn use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese traditional medicine is said to be a US$ 100 billion industry. Within this context, Namibia and other African countries must carefully consider their response to the Chinese stance. Dr. Chris Brown, CEO of the Namibian Chamber of the Environment, believes that legalising the trade in rhino horn could provide a way forward for Namibia and its neighbours to resolve the current poaching crisis and create real incentives for rhino conservation in future.
Black rhino in Damaraland
Mon Apr 03 2017
An opinion piece by Dr Chris Brown, CEO of the Namibian Chamber of Environment explaining why well-managed and ethical hunting is extremely good - and in many areas, essential - for the conservation of wildlife, of habitats and of biological diversity.