The NCE is a membership-based organisation established as a voluntary association. Its members constitute the "Council", the highest decision-making organ of the NCE. The Council elects members to serve on an Executive Committee at an AGM. The Executive Committee has all the necessary power to oversee and give strategic direction to the Chamber. See our About us page for full details of NCE's organisational structure.

Mon Nov 06 2023
6th AGM Minutes- 25 November 2022
Fri Dec 03 2021
5th AGM Minutes- 03 December 2021
Wed Dec 09 2020
4th AGM Minutes- 09 December 2020
Fri Aug 09 2019
3rd AGM Minutes- 09 August 2019
Tue Aug 28 2018
2nd AGM Minutes- 10 August 2018
Wed Apr 05 2017
1st AGM Minutes- 05 April 2017