Programme areas

The main purpose of the NCE is to support its Members to achieve the Aspirational Objectives, to fill gaps, and to promote sound environmental management in Namibia. The NCE does not compete with its Members, neither in the area of project implementation nor in the area of fund raising. In this context, the NCE wishes to respond to the collective requirements of its Members, both in how best it could provide support to the Membership, and also how the NCE and its collective Membership should prioritise work to enhance conservation and sustainable development in Namibia.

The Objectives are implemented through eight strategic programme areas.

Programme Area: Membership Support

Provide facilities for particularly field-based NGOs and researchers when in Windhoek – workspace, internet, secure parking, boardroom for meetings and storage space.

A Membership policy, based on the NCE Constitution, was developed and approved by ExCom. It sets out the application process and establishes two types of membership – Full Members (Namibian registered non-governmental environmental organisations) and Associate Members (non-Namibian non-governmental environmental organisations and individuals). Only Full Members have voting rights. All other rights are the same.

The NCE provides facilities for particularly field-based Members when in Windhoek – workspace, internet, boardroom for meetings, safe off-street parking.

The NCE has entered into a MoU with Westair to make available a Cessna 182 to NCE and Members at the cost of the fuel only. Welwitschia Insurance Brokers have donated the insurance costs and Westair carries all other costs. They also source experienced pilots. A booking system is being set up and will be run by Henriette. The aircraft will be branded to reflect its environmental work. Read more here.

The NCE has engaged Today Namibia to broaden the social media platform of the NCE, its Members and key environmental themes. Today Namibia will post up to three messages per week, feature Members stories and activities, announce events, promote campaigns, etc.

The NCE is in discussions with Venture Publications to rebrand “Conservation and the Environment in Namibia” as a Venture-NCE product – specifically for NCE members to publish popular information on their projects, activities and organisation. The idea is that about half of the annual publication would focus on a theme, e.g. recent “Animal movements and satellite tracking” workshop results from late 2016, while the other half would be available to members to tell their stories.

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