The NCE has four categories of sponsors:

  • Gold Sponsors - contribute N$1 million or more per year
  • Diamond Sponsors - contribute N$500,000 or more per year
  • Silver Sponsors - contribute N$250,000 or more per year
  • Tourmaline Sponsors - contribute up to N$250,000 per year

The NCE hosts an annual event for its Sponsors to give feedback on the work of the Chamber, to present new projects and innovations and to solicit ideas for fund raising for the environmental sector.

The NCE also encourages sponsor companies to explore linking their support to the number or volume of their products sold in Namibia, e.g. a small amount for each litre or bottle or kg or bed-night, sold. Funds raised are allocated to priority environmental / conservation and to socio-economic projects linked to environmental sustainability and wise use of Namibia's resources.