Executive Committee

The NCE is a membership-based organisation established as a voluntary association. Its members constitute the "Council", the highest decision-making organ of the NCE. The Council elects members to serve on an Executive Committee at an AGM. The Executive Committee has all the necessary power to oversee and give strategic direction to the Chamber. See our About us page for full details of NCE's organisational structure.

The Executive Committee comprises: Founding Members, Members and Co-opted Members.

NCE Exco

C Loots

Mr. Charles Loots (Chairperson)

Mr. Loots has more than 16 years of experience in the mining industry, with a focus on roles of Community and Environmental Management as well as Public Governance.

Mr. Loots holds an BEcon (Economics), MSc in Ecological Economics (Resource Economics) and an MBA in Strategy, Business Management.

Dr Chris Brown

Dr Chris Brown

Dr Chris Brown, ecologist, and environmental scientist, has over thirty-five years’ practical experience in environmental management and administration, strategic planning and development, project and programme design and coordination. Previously he was Head of the Namibia Directorate of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and played a key role in drafting the environmental clauses in the Namibian Constitution. He was the Executive Director of the Namibia Nature Foundation for 12 years. He serves on several boards including that of Namibia’s Sustainable Development Advisory Council.

Dr Brown holds a PhD Zoology (Conservation biology), BSc Hons degree (Zoology) and a BSc degree (Zoology, Entomology, Biochemistry).

He is currently the CEO of The Namibian Chamber of Environment.

NCE Exco

S Bezuidenhout

Mr Stephan Bezuidenhout

Mr. Bezuidenhout has been part of various project teams for various industries from Oil and Gas to Renewable energy such as Concentrating Solar Plants (CSP). He has successfully driven EIAs and WULs within South Africa, and has been involved in a variety of other assessment projects, audits and reporting standards

Stephan has also completed short courses in Environmental Legislation, Project Management and Sustainability indicators. He has knowledge of the IFCs Performance Standards and the Equator Principles, where he has assisted in the design of audit protocols. He has over 9 years’ hands on experience of working with construction teams to meet all requirements set out in EMPs. He has competency is snake handling and first aid and has recently published an article in the South African Journal of Botany.

Stephan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Development and Environmental Management and BSocSci (Hons) in Environmental Management.

He is currently an environmental practitioner at Environmental Compliance Consultancy.

M Hauptfleisch

Dr Morgan Hauptfleisch

Dr. Hauptfleisch is currently involved in research on the topics of environmental impact assessment, human wildlife conflict, wildlife census and small mammal inventories. Dr Hauptfleisch lectures in Rangeland Management, Wildlife Management, Ecology, and Natural Resource Management. He serves on several boards including the International Association for Impact Assessment.

Dr Hauptfleisch holds a BSc. Honours degree in Ecology and Botany, an MSc. in Plant Ecology and Wildlife Management and a PhD in Environmental Management.

He is senior lecturer and research coordinator at the Namibia University of Science and Technology’s Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources Sciences.


Mr. Itaveleni Mupewa

Itaveleni Mupewa is an Environmental Management expert with broad knowledge of delivering environmental projects in Environmental Management Systems, EIAs, Mine Closure & Rehabilitation, Construction,Protected Area Management, Waste and Sustainable Development. Itaveleni served in numerous private and public sector professions which amongst others are: Mineral Economist (MME), Designated Environmental Advisor (Railway Construction), Technical Director of an Environmental Consultancy (MEC) and a Senior Environmental officer for Namdeb and Swakop Uranium respectively.  He served as the President of EAPAN (Environmental Assessment Professional Association of Namibia) from 2022-2023 and holds a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management (University of Queensland, Australia), Bachelors in Economics (UNAM) and attended his Pre-University at the United World College of the Atlantic (UWC-Wales). He is now pursuing a diploma in Occupational Health & Safety (Botho University) and wants to complete his Masters in Environmental Philosophy by 2025. He has 16 years industry experience and is passionate about caring for the environment.



Mr. Mendes Vinte

Mr. Vinte, is currently employed as Projects Manager to oversee all IRDNC’s non-routine thematic programme activities, ranging from alternative livelihood options, landscape conservation management support and environmental education. He holds a master’s degree (MSc) in Natural Resource Management obtained from the Namibian University of Science and Technology (NUST). Before his MSc, he first completed a National Diploma and an Honours degree in the same field. Right after obtaining his diploma in 2007, he entered the job market, as a young professional in the natural sciences and community led conservation space. Mendes prides himself with a total of 15 years working experience, from various institutions including, Namibia Rand Nature Reserve, Ministry of Environment Forestry and Tourism and KfW funded protected area management programme (NamParks).

NCE Exco


Dr Malan Lindeque

Dr Lindeque has over 39 years of extensive working knowledge and experience in natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, wildlife trade and the sustainable use of wildlife resources, developing and managing protected areas, biological research, and monitoring. He serves on several boards including the Chairperson of Namibia’s Sustainable Development Advisory Council.

Dr Lindeque holds a BSc. (zoology and geology majors) and MSc. (reproductive physiology) in Zoology and obtained his PhD in elephant population ecology.

He retired from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism at the end of July 2018 as the Permanent Secretary.