Programme areas

The main purpose of the NCE is to support its Members to achieve the Aspirational Objectives, to fill gaps, and to promote sound environmental management in Namibia. The NCE does not compete with its Members, neither in the area of project implementation nor in the area of fund raising. In this context, the NCE wishes to respond to the collective requirements of its Members, both in how best it could provide support to the Membership, and also how the NCE and its collective Membership should prioritise work to enhance conservation and sustainable development in Namibia.

The Objectives are implemented through eight strategic programme areas.

Programme Area: Fund Raising

Support our Founder Sponsors to raise funds within the corporate business sector in Namibia, with overseas business sector, embassies and high commissions in Namibia and international Foundations. Support a well-placed Namibian NGO Member to become accredited with the  Green Climate Fund on behalf of all members.

The core running costs of the NCE are currently being covered by B2Gold Namibia. This means that all contributions from other donors go directly into the grants line and into Member’s projects.

B2Gold Namibia is assisting with fund raising amongst corporates. This focuses on two aspects: (i) making direct grants to the NCE and (ii) using the NCE to select, and facilitate the development of, good environmental projects for the deployment of the environmental component of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds.

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is the largest environmental fund in the world. Currently in Namibia, only the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) is accredited, and there is limited access to Namibia’s NGOs. The NCE has therefore provided some seed funding to the NNF to prepare for accreditation with the GCF, on behalf of the NCE Membership. A small amount of funding is also being made available to facilitate bringing the sector together to plan appropriate projects for submission to the GCF.

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