Programme areas

The main purpose of the NCE is to support its Members to achieve the Aspirational Objectives, to fill gaps, and to promote sound environmental management in Namibia. The NCE does not compete with its Members, neither in the area of project implementation nor in the area of fund raising. In this context, the NCE wishes to respond to the collective requirements of its Members, both in how best it could provide support to the Membership, and also how the NCE and its collective Membership should prioritise work to enhance conservation and sustainable development in Namibia.

The Objectives are implemented through eight strategic programme areas.

Programme Area: Grants Making

Operate a Grants Making programme with the following aim: The Namibian Chamber of Environment Fund (NCEF) seeks to improve the quality of life of Namibians by empowering civil society and particularly its Members to care for their natural resources, to derive benefits from these resources and to promote responsible environmental stewardship within the context of sustainable development.

Objectives of the Fund

  • To support initiatives that promote environmental conservation and the protection of indigenous biodiversity, habitats and endangered species;
  • To improve peoples’ livelihoods and quality of life through sound environmental management and sustainable use of natural resources;
  • To promote best environmental policies and practices, including rehabilitation;
  • To support efforts to prevent and reduce environmental degradation and pollution;
  • To build environmental skills and capacity in young Namibians;
  • To support collaboration and synergy across the environmental sector, the sharing of best practice, and access to information;
  • To provide catalytic seed and 'gap' funding to credible ideas and initiatives; and
  • To monitor and evaluate progress and outputs to ensure optimal performance and value for money from each investment both at project and institutional levels.

What does NCEF seek to do?

  • Provide grant funding of up to N$250,000 per project per year to successful applicants for projects that further the Aim and Objectives of the Fund, for a project duration of a maximum of 24 months. In exceptional circumstances grants of more than this amount and for longer periods may be considered;
  • Support and promote mainly civil society engagement with sound environmental stewardship, protection of landscapes, habitat and indigenous species, through capacity building, empowerment, collaboration, planning, implementation, research, monitoring, information dissemination and reporting;
  • Support and promote initiatives that aim to democratise environmental management and that strive to involve and build skills of young Namibians;
  • Be catalytic, innovative and, where appropriate, provide supplementary support to ongoing programmes, and encourage co-financing approaches in support of the Aim and Objectives of the Fund.

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