Namibian Wildlife Lead (Pb) Poisoning Working Group

How can you help?

Transition to, or help to test, alternatives to lead ammunition and lead fishing sinkers

There are now viable alternatives. Get in touch to get involved.

Remove any lead you encounter in the environment

Remove bullets and sinkers, as well as lead-contaminated meat which scavengers could consume.

Spread awareness about the impacts of lead in the environment

Share and discuss the information on this website with hunters, fishers, tourism operators and others.

Contribute to research on Lead (Pb) levels in Namibia's predators and scavengers

The University of Namibia (UNAM) is working with the Namibian Wildlife Lead (Pb) Poisoning Working Group (NWLPWG) under the chair of the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, to better understand the levels of lead (Pb) from ammunition in mammalian and bird predators and scavengers. We are collecting blood, feather/hair and bone samples from across the country to carry out this analysis. The samples will be processed at the UNAM campus, and the dissolved material will be sent to Japan for analysis, as part of a Namibia-Japanese collaborative research programme.

The data form includes full information on the samples requested, how to collect them and how to arrange collection. Download the data form here.