Namibian Wildlife Lead (Pb) Poisoning Working Group

Working Group Activities

Priorities and actions include:

Incentivising the transition of hunting and wildlife sector to lead-free ammunition

  • Information on the negative impacts of lead ammunition
  • Information on lead-free alternatives (including German calibre firearms)
  • Testing of lead-free ammunition, such as copper ammunition
  • Engagement with NAPHA
  • Engagement re an environmental levy on lead ammunition, and waiver of taxes on lead-free ammunition
  • Research into levels of lead in wildlife meat on markets
  • Support MEFT to transition to using to lead-free ammunition

Monitoring and research

  • Monitor lead levels in blood and feathers of wild-captured vultures 
  • Monitor lead levels in bones of dead vultures and selected carnivores
  • Monitor lead levels in people working with wildlife, and in commercially sold game meat and game products
  • Survey arms dealer regarding the types of ammunition sold

See the Resources section for outputs of these actions.