Namibian Pangolin Working Group

Working Group Activities

Conservation and guidelines

The NPWG has drafted the National Pangolin Conservation Management Plan for 2021- 2026. Additionally, a handbook was developed by NARREC for first responders including MEFT and law enforcement officers which includes guidelines in the handling of confiscated pangolins and their parts. View the First Responders Manual in English and in Portuguese.

These guidelines include:

  • Pangolin confiscation flowchart
  • Live confiscated pangolin flowchart
  • Initial Report Form
  • Biometrics Form
  • Pangolin seizure and translocation log
  • Transport guidelines
  • Release and release site guidelines
  • Biometrics card, and Wildlife assessment card

Capacity building

The NPWG has provided resources and training for first-responders in the regions most affected by the illegal wildlife trade. These regions have received specially designed boxes to transport pangolin safely. the regional offices have the handbook of guidelines and the First Responders Manual in English and in Portuguese. A training curriculum was developed and materials were distributed during training workshops which reached over 100 front-line officers. Officers who passed the course received a certificate of achievement which gives credibility to their testimony in pangolin court cases.

Veterinary capacity

A network of veterinary clinics across six regions has been established to provide health assessments and emergency care for live confiscated pangolins. All clinics were offered a training seminar in emergency first-response. Additionally, a veterinary emergency fund has been setup with an initial amount of N$40,000 contributed by the Namibian Chamber of Environment and Rooikat Trust.


A distribution map was created from a sightings survey (which is still open for reporting any pangolin sightings), as well as game count and event book records from national parks and conservancies. Through collaboration, the first confiscated pangolin was fitted with a GPS/SAT transmitter for post-release monitoring under the Pangolin Conservation and Research Project. You can read more about this pangolin’s story here. The Namibian Chamber of Environment has offered to sponsor two local MSc Students to further research the feeding ecology of pangolins and impacts of electric fencing.


Posters have been created, including on the pangolin reward scheme and on pangolin biology and ecology. See the Resources tab for downloadable files. Members of the NPWG regularly issue media releases, radio interviews, popular articles and public talks to help educate and spread awareness. See the Articles & Interviews tab for examples.


You can read more about some of our major accomplishments in this blog article.