Namibian Carnivore Working Group

How can you help?

Record carnivore sightings
Record your sightings of carnivores on the Atlasing in Namibia website or the Atlasing in Namibia app.

Help to support the identified actions which can help to mitigate the threats which Namibia's carnivores face. Get in touch if you need advice over the phone about any carnivores you might have on your farm, livestock predation and mitigation methods or further information about carnivore ecology. If necessary, staff can visit your farm to provide a detailed of your farm and problem carnivore. NCWG does not promote the killing of carnivores, but instead promotes sustainability and co-existence with carnivores and livestock farming.

Get advice if you notice unusual activity such as:

  • Increased activity of carnivores around kraals
  • Higher levels of livestock loss from predators than previous years
  • Any abnormal behaviour
  • Solitary when should be within a group/pack
  • Subdued behaviour
  • Obvious signs the carnivore is limping or injured.

These behaviours could be a sign the carnivore is sick or injured and may be unable to hunt normally. Further assessment of the situation can be provided by phoning the NCWG Secretariat.