A Vegetarian on the Economics of Hunting

A Vegetarian on the Economics of Hunting

An expert in the environmental sector, Dr. Chris Brown the CEO of the Namibia Chamber of Environment, has joined us again in the MYD Studio to talk about how the Communal Conservancy program has benefited Namibian Wildlife.

Dr. Brown, who has a PhD in Zoology, was instrumental in the setting up of the communal conservancy program in Namibia. Communal Conservancies exist in order to protect wildlife and habitats by putting the power of protection in the hands of the people.

Namibia is one of few countries in the world to specifically address habitat conservation and protection of natural resources in their constitution

Dr. Brown was also responsible for the creating of the Directorate of Environmental Affairs after Namibian Independence. He also had a key role in drafting the environmental clauses in Namibia’s Constitution and Vision 2030, unveiling Namibia’s Green Plan, and in the compilation of various National Development Plans.

Now, Dr. Brown joined us on the MYD Earth show to talk about the roles of the Namibian Chamber of Environment, the establishment of the communal conservancy program and the history of hunting in Namibia.