Environmental and Social officer

Alten Renewable Hardap
  1. Set up program for regular social monitoring and Follow up community complaints;
  2. Work along with Alten's E&S Manager and demonstrate / provide guidance to project team about the environmental and social compliance.
  3. Conduct inspections to monitor environmental performance and compliance by contractors;
  4. Check compliance with legal requirements on regular basis;
  5. Ensure the environmental and social meetings are held on a regular basis;
  6. Communicate and advise PM and subcontractors on environmental and social aspects;
  7. Participate in regular site meetings, so that environmental and social issues are on the agenda;
  8. Report, investigate and follow up on incidents (environmental and social);
  9. Establish corrective action plan for any non-compliance including action plan for prevention of such misconduct or incident;
  10. Develop, implement and manage the environmental and social training program
  11. Has been trained to identify environmental and social issues in order to convey any observed issues. 
  • Minimum qualifications: Qualification in Environmental Science / Natural Science 
  • Minimum experience: None 
  • Due date for submission: 22 March 2018
  • Date on which they should be able to start: 6 April 2018
  • End date - September 2018

Interested parties can send their CV to Margaret Mutschler mcs@mutschlercs.com

Closing date