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Mon Jan 16 2023

The GOSCARs - The Grassroots Owen-Smith Community Ranger Awards will be presented annually to top-performing Namibian conservancy game guards, conservancy lion or rhino rangers, fish guards or community resource monitors.

The awards recognise the men and women who work and walk in the field, and are the people the late Garth Owen-Smith would want honoured in his name. There will also be a N$100 000 award for the best conservancy in Namibia! Background information can be found here, and nomination forms below:

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Garth Owen-Smith
Thu Sep 15 2022

For full details, please click here.

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Tue Sep 13 2022

Conservation Status and Red List of the Terrestrial Carnivores of Namibia Book now available.

Published in 2022 by Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism; Large Carnivore Management Association of Namibia; Namibian Chamber of Environment.

Access the book and associated poster free online at:

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Carnivore red data
Tue Oct 05 2021

ReconAfrica’s Seismic “Thumper” Survey Levels Wilderness and Damages Homes in Kavango East.

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Tue Feb 09 2021

The Programme for the Provision of Low-cost Land for Housing was initiated in 2019 by Development Workshop Namibia (DWN) and the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE), and is fully supported by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (MURD). It is currently assisting 6 local authorities (see details below) in the provision of affordable land for housing, and during 2021 is expected to expand to 15-20 towns across the country.

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The Provision of Low-cost Land for Housing
Tue Feb 09 2021

More than 50% of informal settlement residents in Namibia do not have access to toilets and defecate in riverbeds and other green spaces. More than 45 tonnes of faeces are so deposited openly every single day in Windhoek alone.

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Provision of Low-cost Land for Housing
Wed Nov 18 2020

This is an information page sharing the current known information about ReconAfrica’s plan to drill and frack for oil and gas in the Okavango Delta’s source area of the Omataku River system in Northeast Namibia and

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Information Page
Thu Oct 01 2020

The e-book and posters are now on the EIS and the scientific publication on the NJE website.

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Mon Jun 22 2020

Operation Blue Rhino is  a  formal  cooperation  between  the  Protected Resources Division of the Namibian Police Force within the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security and the Intelligence and Investigation Unit within the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism.

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Operation Blue Rhino