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Fri May 29 2020

The Environmental Information System of Namibia has upgraded and expanded its website to include new features and improve user experience. The upgrades include: A new smart home page, new search engine to simplify and speed up e-library searches, a new section on wildlife crime and Environmental Impact Assessments out for public review, and a new citizen science archaeology section.


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Conservation Namibia
Tue Apr 07 2020

The aim is to install 20 000 tippy-taps over the next five weeks and to distribute information as widely as possible.

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Mon Apr 06 2020
The first annual report on combatting wildlife crime in Namibia is a noteworthy milestone. Wildlife crime has become one of the central conservation challenges of our time. Namibia’s response to this, since the current wave of crime began, has been underpinned by one central factor – strong partnerships.
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Combatting wildlife crime in Namibia - Annual Report 2019 cover
Fri Apr 03 2020

Tippy taps, an invention that consists of a five-litre container filled with soap water and tied to poles, which is then angled against a rope to be used as a pulley as in the picture above, have become a popular alternative for sanitation purposes where water is scarce.

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Tippy Tap
Mon Mar 16 2020

The NCE Triennial Report (covering 2016-17 to 2018-19) has now been published. As well as reports from the Chairman and CEO, it provides an overview of objectives, membership support, policy research and many other aspects of NCE's work.

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NCE Triennial Report cover
Tue Sep 03 2019
The Namibian Chamber of Environment has a small bursary fund to assist individuals who wish to further their studies in the fields of conservation, environment and sustainable development, mainly at the level of master’s degree or equivalent. In 2019 the NCE supported 22 students with bursaries and six with internships. We are offering a similar number of bursaries and internships for the 2020 academic year.
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Fri Feb 08 2019

In 2018 we had 45 applications, this year 108. We have 22 successful candidates in total.

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NCE Bursary Holders 2019
Fri Oct 26 2018

The NCE is offering bursaries and internships for the 2019 academic year to individuals who wish to further their studies in the fields of conservation, environment and sustainable development.

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2018 bursary students
Thu Jun 21 2018

African farmers living in areas with wildlife are faced with a serious dilemma: they cannot sell their healthy, free range beef to the lucrative export market. Current international trade practices dictate that they cannot protect the wildlife and, at the same time, farm their cattle in the same general area. If they want to export their beef to wealthy nations, they will have to get rid of all the wild buffalo or put up environmentally damaging veterinary fences.

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Beauty and the beef
Tue Jun 19 2018

Litter is a multi-faceted problem in Namibia and across the world. For this reason, the NCE supported the President’s call for all Namibians to participate in a Nation-wide Clean-Up Campaign which took place on the 25th May 2018. The aim of this activity was to promote a clean environment as part of Namibia’s aspiration to become the cleanest country in Africa.

Please view our video here.

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May Day 2018