Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA)

EHRA’s mission is to implement practical solutions that help combat elephant-human conflict, and thereby secure a future for Namibia’s desert elephants

EHRA achieves its aim through the following:

  1. Water Point Protection and planning of elephant drinking points.
  2. Financial relief – Provision of Solar Water Pumps to replace diesel pumps
  3. Education – Our educational PEACE Project, trains communities, game guards, MET staff, school learners on elephant behaviour and safety
  4. Elephant Information – We conduct twice monthly, week long patrols to monitor, ID and map elephant’s movements.  We aim to perform research to provide knowledge on issues affecting the desert elephants survival, such as new born calf mortality and practical solutions such as elephant corridors.
  5. Elephant Guard Programme – we train local volunteers to respond to elephant problems and extend our training abilities
  6. Schools Development – We provide assistance to government schools in the form of renovation of facilities and provision of educational resources such as libraries and computers.
  7. Internship Programme for Namibian students studying conservation and tourism
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