Mon Nov 13 2017
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Scientists' Warning to Humanity: a Second Notice

The article has been endorsed by over 15,000 scientists from around the world, including from Namibia. This is the largest number of scientists from more countries (184) to ever come out in support of a published paper. The paper warns that humans are pushing the planet to its limits and that very urgent action is overdue. This short paper should be compulsory reading for everyone – and perhaps particularly for politicians, educators and other decision-makers in the public and private sectors. To this end, the NCE would like to make the information in this short paper more accessible, (perhaps a brochure and/or poster?) and in an easier way (perhaps a short video?). We will also explore options via social media.

If any NCE Member would like to work with us to disseminate this info in more accessible ways, please contact us. 

Mon Oct 23 2017
Published by: The Guardian Weekly
A world with plastic on tap

The NCE started a plastics campaign last year, to raise awareness about the growing risk of plastic in our environment , locally, nationally and globally. We are not alone in calling for action on plastics. We are part of a growing global community. The Guardian Weekly has featured this issue on the cover page and carries a number of additions articles in this edition - please see attached. This article provides more depth on the implications for human health.

Fri Oct 13 2017
Published by: Namibian Sun
Reward for info on pangolin poachers

Namibian environmental non-profit organisations together with the environment ministry are offering a cash reward for any tip-offs that could lead to the arrest of pangolin poachers and traffickers or could prevent illegal pangolin killings or captures

Fri Aug 11 2017
Published by: Namibian Sun
Chinese underworld exposed

Chinese 'mafia' groups are said to be driving unprecedented wildlife crime and environmental destruction in Namibia.