Fri Nov 17 2017
Published by: The Namibian
Too Many Lions in Kunene

WE LIVE in a world where social media is overriding professional journalism and scientific research as our source of information about the world around us.


Fri Nov 17 2017
Published by: Die Republikein
Grond ’n oplossing vir verstedeliking

‘Tergende uitdaging’

Thu Nov 16 2017
Published by: Namibian Sun
Epic housing crisis: Land key to abolish shack homes

A new Namibian book on the explosive growth of informal settlements in Namibia warns that unless serious efforts and a shift in strategies are

urgently undertaken to provide affordable urban homes, more than 500 000 shacks will exist by 2030 that will house around two million people.

Mon Oct 23 2017
Published by: The Guardian Weekly
A world with plastic on tap

The NCE started a plastics campaign last year, to raise awareness about the growing risk of plastic in our environment , locally, nationally and globally. We are not alone in calling for action on plastics. We are part of a growing global community. The Guardian Weekly has featured this issue on the cover page and carries a number of additions articles in this edition - please see attached. This article provides more depth on the implications for human health.