Thu Apr 27 2017

MYD Earth show interview: To what extent does plastic waste affect us here in Namibia? With the world talking the vast effect of plastic trash on our environment, in this episode of the MYD Earth show we talk to Dr. Chris Brown, the CEO of the Namibia Chamber of Environment, to find out where Namibia stands on plastic.

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Wed Feb 15 2017

Namibia has key environmental policies that have led to this country having one of the most innovative and successful approaches to wildlife management in Africa. However according to the Namibia Chamber of Environment (NCE), this is being undermined by the activities of unscrupulous criminals. As such the NCE have engaged in dialogue with the aim of looking at curbing poaching activities. This dialogue was started by an open letter written to the Chinese Embassy in Windhoek. In this episode of the MYD Earth Show, we speak to Dr. Chris Brown the CEO of the Namibia Chamber of Environment…

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Tue Nov 15 2016

An expert in the environmental sector, Dr. Chris Brown the CEO of the Namibia Chamber of Environment, has joined us again in the MYD Studio to talk about how the Communal Conservancy program has benefited Namibian Wildlife.

Dr. Brown, who has a PhD in Zoology, was instrumental in the setting up of the communal conservancy program in Namibia. Communal Conservancies exist in order to protect wildlife and habitats by putting the power of protection in the hands of the people.

Namibia is one of few countries in the world to specifically address habitat conservation and…

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Tue Nov 08 2016

Launched only this year, the Namibia Chamber of Environment is now in full swing, representing the interests of environmental practitioners and organisations that support the environmental interests of Namibia. With the ethos: the environment is the very foundation of all life and prosperity, the chamber is a mouthpiece for the broader environmental sector. Acting as lobbyist and fund raisers where needed, the Namibia Chamber of Environment (NCE) acts to represent the environmental sector of Namibia.

99FM’s MYD Earth sat down with the Chief Executive Officer of the Namibia…

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