Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation

IRDNC has pioneered one of Africa’s leading models of community-based natural resource management

IRDNC works in Namibia and has pioneered one of Africa’s leading models of community-based natural resource management. IRDNC’s origins lie in the arid northwest where in the politically unsupportive climate of the early 1980s it pioneered community-based wildlife conservation in Namibia. With community leaders, we implemented joint action to stop widespread commercial and subsistence poaching of wildlife, including black rhino and desert adapted elephant. Within two years the massive decline of wildlife was halted.

IRDNC strives to improve the lives of rural people by diversifying the socio-economy in Namibia’s communal areas to include wildlife and other valuable natural resources.

We believe this will secure a long-term place for wild animals outside of national parks, and significantly reduce future pressure on these areas.

We also aim to build up the capacity of rural Namibians, and to assist them to develop a civil society whose members can sustainably manage and benefit from their local natural resources.

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