Gobabeb Research and Training Centre

The Gobabeb Research and Training Centre is an internationally recognised center for dry land training and research.

Gobabeb Research and Training Centre is located in Namibia in the Namib Desert, 120 km by road south-east of Walvis Bay.

Gobabeb was founded by the Southern African Museums Association with strong backing of Austrian entomologist Dr Charles Koch in 1962. Since 1998 Gobabeb has been a joint Venture between the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) and the Desert Research Foundation Namibia (DRFN).

Gobabeb conducts research in a wide variety of fields ranging from archaeology and anthropology to climate and ecology in its broadest sense to geology, geomorphology and desert conservation and restoration. Further it tests, demonstrates, and promotes Appropriate Technologies. By conducting training courses Gobabeb aims to improve the public awareness and knowledge of dry land ecology and environmental issues. The station consists of permanent researchers, students, and interns, as well as short time visitors such as researchers, school and university groups, and tourists. Gobabeb also hosts film crews, journalists, and artists.

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PO Box 953, Walvis Bay, Namibia

+264 (0)64 694 199
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